Here is a selection of some of my painting, from the recent through to the past. It will help you see how my work has deveoped over the years.

Beauty After the Storm 2022

Beauty After the Storm 2022

Angela Melkis Autumn Blush 2022

Autumn Blush 2022

Evening Serenity - 2022

Evening Serenity 2022

White Blossom 2020

Angela melkis -Autumn Blush

Autumn Blush 2020

Angela melkis - Pink Blush

Pink Blush 2019

Angela Melkis - Apricot

Apricot 2019

Angela Melkis - Weeping White

Weeping White 2019

Angela Melkis - Skyline

Skyline 2018

Angela Melkis - Autumn View

Autumn View 2018

Angela Melkis - Autumn Grace 2

Autumn Grace 2 2018

Angela Melkis - Turning Green to Gold

Turning Green to Gold 2018

Angela Melkis - Blue

Blue 2017

Angela Melkis - Grand Beauty

Grand Beauty 2017

Angela Melkis - Learning to Grow

Learning to Grow 2017

Angela Melkis - Autumn Spray

Autumn Spray 2017

Angela Melkis - One October Morning

One October Morning 2017

Angela Melkis - Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher 2016

Angela Melkis - Afternoon Moon

Afternoon Moon 2015

Angela Melkis - Tree and Sun

Tree and Sun 2010

Angela Melkis Autumn 2007

Autumn 2007

Angela Melkis - Autumn Plough

Autumn Plough 2006

Angela Melkis - Hedgerow

Hedgerow 2006

Angela Melkis Red Tree

Red Tree 2006

Angela Melkis - Manmade Landscape

Manmade Landscape 2004

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30th November and 18th December

If you need the painting to arrive before Christmas, please order by 29th November.

If you would like to reserve a painting in my shop, please email me and I will ship the painting on my return.

Email: hello@angelamelkis.com

Thank you,