About My Art and Me

I am a full time professional artist, born and raised in Coventry now living in rural France.

A shy, nervous soul who can feel uncomfortable in social situations, from a small child I have always been the happiest in my own company. I have always been a daydreamer, and came out of the womb loving horses. As soon as I was given a crayon, I would spend my days happily sitting on my own drawing them. This is when I fell in love with making art and cannot see myself doing anything else.  

From childhood I have always painted what I love and have a strong emotional bond. Expressing and paying homage to these emotions through art has always been an intrinsic and valuable part of my life.

Why Trees? Well being around nature and trees is good for my wellbeing, so this is why they are my main subject. Recently I have found myself painting lone trees. Seeing them as personalities, I use strong colour to try to capture their stillness and grandeur in a way that I hope will make you look at them in a new light.

The Japanese practice of  ‘shinrin-yoku’  (Forest Bathing) is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. Being in the presence of trees is good for you.

My aim is always to paint work that will connect emotionally with you, and that will help you feel the sense of beauty and peace I have painting them. My present work is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese woodcut prints. I love the way that a few layers of different coloured inks can give such dept, contrast and emotion. Bold clean colours are important to my work, and so I use acrylics as they dry quickly and there is less chance of them intermixing and becoming muddy.

Although I try to keep the freedom I had as a child, I also pre-plan the aspects that help me to keep the harmony and interest. This process has resulted in my work being colourful and naive in nature.

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Representing Galleries

The Mitchell Centre, Sutton Coldfield West Midlands.
Tel: 0121 323 3776

Clifton Fine Art
12 Perry Road, Bristol
Tel: 0117 239 7684



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